A Dynamometer is essential to realizing the full potential of today’s fuel injected and carbureted motorcycles with performance modifications. Salt Lake Motorsports has a partnership with Proformance Dyno Tuning.

Dyno tuning is the only tool that can accurately calibrate fuel and ignition maps or diagnose run/driveability issues in a controlled environment. Proformance Dyno Tuning have technicians that are trained to tune Ducati Performance Ignition Modules and Power Commander's and have experience with many other aftermarket tuning devices.

The simplest way to look at the internal combustion engine is to think of it as an air pump. The more air it is capable of pumping at any given time, the more power it will make. To get the most energy out of that air relies on accurate metering of fuel to that air. The exhaust system is the largest, single, variable influence on how the motor processes air, the shape of the VE graph and tuning requirements. The dynamic parts are typically RPM, throttle position and load (including wind, tire pressure, terrain, gearing and luggage). Ignition requirements are dictated by engine design properties such as exhaust (how much heat is retained), cam profiles, piston/combustion chamber shape, piston/head clearance (quench/squish), cylinder pressures, RPM limits, fuel quality and intended use.

On carbureted motorcycles to adjust air/fuel ratios we use Dynojet recalibration kits. We remove the carburetors to gain access to and replace pilot jets, main jets, emulsion tubes, needles and make float height adjustments. This procedure can require removing and replacing the carburetors many times until the correct ratios are accomplished. A dyno tune is the most efficient and accurate method.

Fuel Injected Motorcycles have throttle bodies and fuel injectors driven by the ECU (engine control unit) and its programming or calibration. Input from a variety on sensors allows more accurate control as engine demands change and offsets to account for environment changes.

  • Power Runs Three runs to measure horsepower, torque and air-fuel mixtures; $79.99
  • Hourly Rate for tuning carburated engines $99.99

Custom Mapping

  • $249.99 for four-cylinder engines with one bank of injectors and most V-twin engines
  • $349.99 for V-twins with individual cylinder mapping

Dynamometer Engine Break-In Service

This process allows control of load, heat cycling, throttle input and RPM while using the dyno, fans and sensors to monitor and regulate conditions during the break-in procedure. We collect tuning information throughout the process, control temperatures and inspect for oil leaks, faults or stresses. Tuning adjustments are made during cool down periods and evaluated as the process proceeds.

The end result is a full tune done in a controlled environment (as opposed to being stuck in traffic), your don't have to deal with an out of tune/glitchy bike during the break-in period. Some break-in is still required after this process but the critical period is over and the remaining break-in is done in a tuned state.

It's the best way to get the most out of your new engine. $125.00