Monster 1100EVO 20th Anniversary

Starting at $12,495

The Monster revolutionized the biking world and has gone on to become far more than a simple motorcycle: it’s an expression of being, of individuality, of feeling unique. Over 250,000 enthusiasts have already personalized their bikes, making the Monster a timeless icon. Twenty years on from its launch, Ducati has decided to celebrate this symbol of style and personality by offering up a unique model: the first. Bronze-coloured frame, chromium-plated finish and vintage Ducati ’86 logo on the tank. Unmistakeable style combined with latest-generation performance: the Monster 20th Anniversary is a bike that will continues to write motorcycling history.

The Monster 1100EVO perfectly mixes high engine power, a Ducati Safety Pack (ABS + DTC) contained of advanced electronics, a new sports concept and superior riding pleasure to refine the original Monster formula, which makes it an icon of the naked segment.


The 'less-is-more' philosophy behind all Monsters underlines Ducati's never-ending pursuit of genuinely compact, high performance motorcycles, but these new models have succeeded in being even more 'pared down' than their predecessors. Every single component has been redesigned and redeveloped so now more than ever, form follows function. With any details detracting from the Monster concept being eliminated, 'less-is-more' also means 'less-is-Monster'. Less weight plus more torque equals fun-filled riding.


The Monster 1100EVO is powered by the Desmodue Evoluzione engine which is the first two-valve Ducati to hit the 100 hp. Compared with the previous 1100 cc Twin cylinder air-cooled L Desmodromic, this new engine gives an even greater adrenalin rush thanks to the superior power level at high revs while a more linear torque curve ensures a super-smoother power delivery. The 1100 cc Twin Desmodromic has been tuned in order to increase both volumetric and combustion efficiency. The inlet ports and the combustion chamber shape have been redesigned, while the new camshafts have an extreme profile to provide an increased valve lift. The pistons are new too and feature an high compression profile. To ensure high standards of reliability the head cooling system has been revised with improved lubrication to enhance the cooling performance.


An immensely strong but light tubular steel Trellis frame with aluminium rear sub-frame is the visual and structural backbone of the Monster. Delivering unparalleled rigidity with minimal mass, the chassis design is pure Ducati in its ingenuity and simplicity. A separate, all aluminium sub-frame saves weight and adds a pleasing continuity with the aluminium footrest hangers and matte finished swingarm.


The triple-parabola headlight on the Monster utilises the latest optical technology and advanced construction techniques to provide an incredibly compact lighting package. In spite of its compact size, the headlight throws a broad and deep beam to provide excellent visibility and make night riding safer. Viewed from the side, its discrete silhouette mimics the radical shape of the fuel tank.

ABS - The ABS system provides a major contribution towards active safety as it's designed to reduce the risk of wheel-lock under panic braking or when braking in low grip conditions. The Monster 1100EVO comes standard with the Ducati Safety Pack (DSP) and includes DTC + ABS.

Ducati Data Acquisition Ready - The instrument display also doubles as a control panel for the activation of the Ducati Data Analyser (DDA) system, which is available as an accessory from Ducati Performance. The bike has been built ‘system-ready’ for the data acquisition kit, which consists of special DDA software and a memory key that slots into a plug under the seat. The same plug also doubles as the connection for a handy new battery charger available as an accessory from Ducati Performance.

Stopwatch - The digital display is programmed with a stopwatch function that, when enabled, can be triggered by using the high-beam flash button and each recorded time stored in a memory. After your journey or track session, the times or lap times can be recalled from the memory and scrolled through by using the instrumentation buttons on the left-hand switchgear.

Ducati Traction Control DTC - The Monster 1100EVO is the first two valve engine model to be equipped with the state of the art Ducati Traction Control system (DTC). The Monster 1100EVO DTC system uses the same software logic developed and used by Ducati Corse for their winning bikes in MotoGP and Superbike Championships. The system offers a choice of four profiles, each one programmed with a wheel-spin tolerance matched to progressive riding levels of skill graded from one to four. While level four administers a confidence-building, high level of interaction from the system by activating upon the slightest amount of wheel-spin, level one offers a much higher tolerance and, therefore, much less intervention for highly competent riders. The Monster 1100EVO comes standard with the Ducati Safety Pack (DSP) which includes DTC + ABS.


Available Colors: Diamond Black with Racing Stripe, Red with White Stripe, 20th Anniversary Red